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CEI Coatings leadership combines years of technical expertise with decades of professional management experience to deliver high quality finishes and easy integration to your existing business processes.



We Meet Your Needs
With Quality and Ease

CEI strives to make the paint and material coating process for your products and equipment painless and hassle free, whether your products are destined to a third party or you are the end customer.  We have developed material handling processes and project management norms that ensure high quality end products with very little need for your intervention.  Our practices are transparent and allow as much oversight and input as your work requires.  We are experienced at adapting our services to your business procedures, accommodating even your most complicated projects.  In that effort we provide:

  • Receiving and departure records

  • Inventory tracking and status

  • Compliance documentation and support

  • Quality Assurance measurement and documentation utilizing the latest digital instrumentation

  • Overall project management

Quality Assurance
for your large-scale projects

Working with large-scale fleet and fabrication companies, we have developed and can provide detailed documentation regarding Standard Operating Procedures for any government or third party compliance requirements, including Certificates of Compliance and Quality Assurance procedures.

Our Quality Assurance lab includes the ability to digitally measure film thickness, adhesion, pencil hardness, gloss level, surface profile. We are also currently pursuing SSPC QP1 certification and PCI certification.

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