Our Services

CEI prides itself on it’s ability to accommodate our customers’ needs. Our primary objective is to make paint and coating of your projects a painless and transparent process while ensuring finishes that match the quality of your products and components. We believe that we offer a suite of services that will match your projects’ paint and powder coat needs allowing you to focus on your core business.




Powder coating is a durable, attractive, long-lasting yet low maintenance finish coating for most metals.  Because no liquid carrier is used in powder coating, it allows for thicker coatings than traditional paint, while providing a uniform finish, free of running or sagging. CEI provides a full range of powder coating services utilizing a variety of chemistries including epoxy, acrylic, polyester and polyurethane in both single coat and multi coat applications. 

Competitively Priced
Media Blasting

CEI offers a full range of media blasting services including handling large items, production projects, and stock cleaning, stripping and preparation.  


Professional Grade

Paint CEI provides a wide variety of paint services including automotive base clears, single stage finishes, industrial enamels, epoxies, alkyds, and textured finishes.  We are also able to accommodate new and unusual paint products.  Our quality control procedures ensure that all substrates are properly prepared prior to the paint application process to promote superior adhesion providing long lasting, great looking finishes.  Our expert paint technicians will consult with you to determine the appropriate paint finish for your project.