Media Blasting

CEI offers a full range of media blasting services including handling large items, production projects, and stock cleaning, stripping and preparation.



Competitively Priced
Media Blasting

CEI prides itself on our ability to work closely with our customers on both large and smaller projects to ensure that your three most important priorities are met: time, quality and cost.  Our parts receiving and management system provides a guideline for both CEI and our customers to manage project timelines and costs while our published SOPs guarantee the highest quality powder coat finishes in the region. 

CEI uses the newest substrate preparation techniques including media blasting and zirconium prewash technology to providing an environmentally friendly solution to guarantee superior powder coat adhesion.  Powder coat application is performed utilizing the latest in powder recollection technology minimizing powder waste. 

Our curing oven can be configured for both continuous curing or batch use, allowing us the flexibility to accommodate very large, short turn around projects or smaller batch projects to suit all of our customers’ needs.

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Large-scale facility

CEI is the only media blasting job shop in the region that can provide all indoor media blasting services, for items up to 50 ft. in length.


High-Quality Materials

CEI offers a wide variety of media blasting materials including: Aluminum Oxide, Glass Bead, Silicon Carbide, Plastic Abrasives and others.


Advanced tracking

CEI provides advanced materials tracking system offering detailed tracking of your components as the move through each process in your project’s scope.

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