Our Company

CEI is a large-scale industrial paint and powder coat coating company operating out of a 34,000 square foot facility that houses media blasting, powder coating, warehouse, and painting capabilities under one roof.



Decades of Combined
Industry Experience

CEI is a large-scale industrial paint and powder coat coating company that processes tens of thousands of parts and components per year. We provide palletizing and loading capabilities within our facilities and coordinate with the logistics operations of all our customers.

We currently work with several large steel fabrication companies in the Eugene, Oregon area; as well as construction firms who serve the Oregon Department of Transportation and the Army Corp of Engineers. We also work with large-scale fleet companies providing collision repair, branding color and art application and complete repaints ensuring our customers’ fleets always look their best.

Working with these large-scale fleet and fabrication companies, we have developed and can provide detailed documentation regarding Standard Operating Procedures for any government or third party compliance requirements, including Certificates of Compliance and Quality Assurance procedures.

Our Quality Assurance lab includes the ability to digitally measure film thickness, adhesion, pencil hardness, gloss level, surface profile. We are also currently pursuing SSPC QP1 certification and PCI certification.

Your Coating Experts Since 2003

Our History

CEI was founded in 2003 as an online custom paint company focused on the stock and custom motorcycle business, serving motorcycle owners all over the world.  In 2008, CEI changed ownership, remaining principally focused on the custom motorcycle paint industry.

CEI changed locations in 2013 to its current address to accommodate expansion into the large vehicle, RV, and aircraft paint industries.  In 2014, CEI added industrial scale paint to its services offerings, and further expanded its total service area to over 34,000 square feet.  Recently CEI has added media blasting and powder coating services to further support our industrial and manufacturing customers.


An Expert Team

That Is a Cut Above The Rest

The CEI senior leadership team is comprised of former corporate executives that come from outside the industry, bringing deep experience in business management, customer service, professional services, government contracting, B2B and B2C sales, proposal writing and RFP / RFI response writing.

Our team leaders have decades of experience in automotive paint, industrial coatings and project management.


Team Members Spotlight

Solomon Harris

Solomon Harris

Solomon took over the business in 2008 after spending over a decade in the high tech, telecommunications industry. His prior experience includes management consulting for Deloitte, strategic planning, marketing, sales, and operations for Nextel, business development for Sprint, and marketing and product development for RCN. This experience coupled with his degree in Mechanical Engineering and his MBA, provides the leadership and vision that allows CEI to serve corporate customers effectively and professionally.

Chris Makris

Chris Makris

Chris brings a wealth of experience to the team in sales, business development, and strategy. Over the last decade, Chris has built businesses in several countries and applied his sales skills in multiple languages. Chris has extensive experience in government and large enterprise procurement including RFP response, and standards compliance.

Eric Muller

Eric Muller

Eric has worked with the company for over nine years bringing technical expertise in every service area we offer. His is a strong operations manager. He has managed millions of pounds of steel coating delivering consistent quality and timely delivery. He has experience coordinating logistics with large clients and managing multiple timelines.

David Sebold

David Sebold

David brings over a decade of automotive painting experience to the team. David has successfully managed our fleet services for several years and now manages heavy industrial coatings. David’s deep technical expertise and strong estimating skills help us meet our customers’ expectations.